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Managing My Business

In a recent survey of the states, real estate fraud was ranked as the third most common product or practice leading to investigations and enforcement actions. Once reported, our staff will be notified and the comment will be reviewed.

Promissory Note Templates

The creditor makes a loan to the debtor and the debtor is promising to repay it according to the terms listed in the Wyoming promissory note. Otherwise legal action will most likely be necessary for money owed in value of more than $10,000.

Step 1 – Lender & Borrower

This form can be used to document the lending of monies from one Illinois resident to another. Only can your promissory note be amended (edited) if both the lender and borrower sign a written agreement.

Prepared for You

Writing a promissory note is not difficult and can help to establish guidelines in the payment of any funds that are owed. 1-800-987-9087 A product of the Internet Legal Research Group (ILRG) BILL OF SALE OF BOAT / VESSEL (Sold with Warranty) KNOW ALL PERSONS BY THESE PRESENTS: THAT I, ________________________________________________ [seller’s name], (“Seller”), of ___________________________________________________________ [seller’s address], County of ________________, Wyoming, in consideration of a Promissory Installment Note for $ ___________________________________________________________ dollars ($_________________) and a down payment of $ ___________________________________________________________ dollars ($_________________), receipt of payment acknowledged, do hereby sell and transfer to ________________________________________________ [buyer’s name], (“Buyer”), of ___________________________________________________________ [buyer’s address], County of ________________, Wyoming, his/her successors and assigns, the following boat (“Boat”), which is located in the County of ________________, Wyoming: To have and to hold the same unto Buyer and Buyer’s executors, administrators, and assigns, forever. When borrowing money from a bank or lending institution, a promissory note is almost always required.

Installment Starting Date

For example: “The first payment, in the amount of $700, must be paid by April 3rd, 2014. There are two (2) main types of promissory notes: – Type of loan agreement that secures an asset for the lender in the event that the borrower does not pay that the said asset will be transferred to the lender. €“ Type of loan contract that does not have an asset that is secured in the chance that the borrower does not pay back the amount loaned.

What is a promissory note?

This promissory note form allows pre-payment of the money without penalty as well as a choice as to… DOWNLOAD this Wyoming Promissory Note Form to an agreement between parties to lend and borow monies between Wyoming residents. This form allows the parties to determine whether or not the money lent will be secured by any form of collateral. You can also log onto the website at any time and make changes to your promissory note or loan agreement. A promissory note need only be signed and does not require an acknowledgement before a notary public to be valid. €¢ Use a promissory note if you want to formalize the agreement to let a person loan or borrow money from you • If you want to loan money to a business or private party and you want all the terms in writing • If you wish to prepare an amortization table of the loan that includes interest • If you want to see and determine the amount of monthly payment for the loan • If you are assigned to outline the terms of loan of a lender and a borrower • Make sure to print, sign and save the document after completing Basics of a Promissory Note A loan should have a written contract as to avoid misunderstandings about the terms of payments later.