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Developer: Gudu Software
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Operation system: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7
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Version: v2.2
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Businesses and other organizations often prefer to have code developed, maintained, and improved in the open source … General SQL Parser .NET version 1.9.9 free download. Token ‘t1’ in select list and where clause is a referenced table alias token. Syntax check, give the error token, position and hint message. This method is useful if you only need to fetch individual statement from a big SQL script file.

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You now have the chance to fully incorporate this C# SQL parser and VB.NET SQL Parser into your products, instantly adding a powerful SQL processing capability to your .NET programs. Here, we have provided you with that may be helpful to you. On fileguru you will find trial, demos, beta, shareware and free versions of your favorite software that you can download before you buy.

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Every software that you are able to download on our site is legal. Entity Developer for LINQ to SQL is a powerful modeling and code generation tool for LINQ to SQL.Use Model-First and Database-First approaches to design your model and generate C# or Visual Basic .NET code for it. General SQL Parser VCL version is valuable because it provides an in-depth and detailed analysis of SQL scripts for various databases, including Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MySQL and Access. Retrieve/Refactor table & column name Precisely determining and renaming every table and column in stored SQL statements is very complex with a lot of nesting and sub-queries, but we can make it hassle-free for you.

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In this release, General SQL Parser can fetch all tables and columns in select statement. It provides detail information about a SQL statement such as statement types (Select, insert, update, delete or create and so on), what’s tables and fields are used in a statement, and different parts of a SQL statement are also available such as where clause, group by clause and having clause and so on… Downloads (241 ) Jep.Net Download EazyCode 7.1 is a collection of following 3 tools… Download this demo: In order to understand this demo listed, here are some conceptions you should know. All General SQL Parser .NET version download links are direct General SQL Parser .NET version full download from publisher site or their selected mirrors.

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You are currently browsing the archives for the gsp category. However, a big minus with GSP is that it is horribly, simply horribly, documented: the javadoc’s consist mostly of the raw method and property names (with almost no comments), there are really no documentation that outlines the core functionality and the meaning of most important properties and methods; and it seems like they have just exposed everything as public members, making the API very hard to grasp by looking at it.

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Here, at Gudu Software, we have developed a parser that can successfully reduce the difficulties associated with . General SQL Parser .NET 1.10.6 Features: · NET, COM and VCL version, so it can be used in various development environment such as C#, VB .NET, VC++, VB, DELPHI, Free Pascal, Kylix · Create parser for different databases such as MSSQL,Oracle to deal with different sql dialects. · Syntax check, give the error token, position and hint message. · Pretty print SQL statements with lots of configurable parameters, make it more readable. · Modify all parts of input sql, then rebuild on the fly. · Identify various database objects such as table, field, function in sqls. · Create different visitors to visit parse tree for any purpose with the full control of all tree nodes. · Export parse tree to xml string for further processing. · Generate a list of TCustomSqlStatement objects which represent the corresponding SQL statements that have been parsed. · Parser can be instructed to ignore syntax error and continue. · Continuously check multiple SQL Statements even if there are syntax errors in some of these statements. Downloads (140 ) Chilkat XML .NET Download Active Query Builder is a query builder component suite that allows your end-users to build complex SQL queries via an intuitive visual interface. Set classpath=.;%Classpath%;./Gsp.Jar Make sure the first thing in this list should be the current directory, which is represented in windows just as it is in Unix, as a single period. Would you like to customize embedded database software in Visual C# using SQLite and its ADO .NET Data Provider? – Shareware Added on 7-Nov-2005 Would you like to customize e-book, e-brochure, e-catalog, e-magazine, and more.