File Chopper Patch 2.2

File Compression / Wednesday, June 13th, 2018
Developer: Matex Data HB
Requirements: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 Server
Limitation: 30-day trial
Operation system: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
Price: $12
License: Free to try
Version: v2.2
Downloads: 2649
Rating: 4 / Views: 1040
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This program is designed for moving files between computers, where the files are too large to fit on one floppy, SuperDisk, SyQuest, in an e-mail, or whatever medium is used to transport the file. Freeware download of Tuotantoneuvoja, size 1.05 Mb. Toni Tank Top is a strategy game in which you must help Toni get back home by avoiding enemy rocket launchers, treacherous oil slicks and swamps.Toni has been caught behind enemy lines in Moosylvania, a country notorious for Mad Cow disease. I know this because as I executed each instruction I displayed the contents of the most recently changed registers.  :00404012 66C74610EC00       mov [esi+10], 00EC :00404018 33C9               xor ecx, ecx :0040401A 894DA4             mov dword ptr [ebp-5C], ecx :0040401D 8D4DA4             lea ecx, dword ptr [ebp-5C] :00404020 FF461C             inc [esi+1C] :00404023 B850A54900         mov eax, 0049A550 :00404028 8B55FC             mov edx, dword ptr [ebp-04] ;edx = User Name from registry file :0040402B E854D50100         call 00421584              ;See if User Name exits                                                          ;If no User Name exist, then                                                          ;User Name =”” :00404030 8D55A4             lea edx, dword ptr [ebp-5C] :00404033 8D45F8             lea eax, dword ptr [ebp-08] ;eax = Serial No from registry file :00404036 E89D780700         call 0047B8D8              ;See if Serial # exists                                                          ;If no Serial # exists, then                                                          ;serial=”” :0040403B 50                 push eax :0040403C FF4E1C             dec [esi+1C] :0040403F 8D45A4             lea eax, dword ptr [ebp-5C] :00404042 BA02000000         mov edx, 00000002 :00404047 E8A8770700         call 0047B7F4 :0040404C 59                 pop ecx :0040404D 84C9               test cl, cl                ;does cl = 0? :0040404F 740C               je 0040405D                ;Jump and place a ‘0’ in the                                                          ;Shareware/Registration Flag  ;If serial from your system registry file matches the one the program has created then place ;the value ‘1’ into memory location [0047D320]. :00404051 C60520D3470001     mov byte ptr [0047D320], 01 ;Our Registration Flag! :00404058 E95C020000         jmp 004042B9               ;Ignore Nag Screen Reminder :0040405D C60520D3470000     mov byte ptr [0047D320], 00 ;Our Shareware Flag! Ob Duh  Do I really have to remind you all that by buying and NOT stealing the software you use will ensure that these software houses will be encouraged to producing even *better* software for us to use and enjoy.