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Flower Horn fish is highly adaptable and is not very demanding when it comes to techniques of care. That is what this next aquarium decoration used as an inspiration. You have to design the tank so, that the female will have a place to hide and the male won’t see her. Also one can put a big flat rock near the net and remove all other objects where she can spawn from the female side of the tank.

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It’s better to keep one fish alone or a fish couple, but in case if you still want to have flowerhorn tank mates – a tank should be very spacious. The is perfect for an aquarium that houses types of fish that live under the sea. The dorsal and anal fins lack trailers, a common trait found also in Zhen Zhu. With its beautiful colors, this fish quickly became popular. We’d love to hear about your Flowerhorn too, so use a form at the bottom of this page once you’re finished reading this article, please!

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Blood parrots and King Kong parrots are sometimes colored purple or blue by . The efficiency of these filters depends on usage, stocking density and other various factors. Give a painful bite to their owner’s hand during tank cleaning.


Thank you, Yashwant Naik We have read this page, found 2 filter , please clear me for below filter in details, want to purchase by given links 1)Multi-Function Filter Aquab F-1000 filter 2)Aquab F-100 filter As per your description F-100 have 10 functions, F-1000 have 6, please clear us Thanks Dear Praful, The post is about the Multi-Function Filter Aquab F-1000 filter only. Their coloring can be affected by the foods you feedm them. Aquarium Cycling Guide: starting up a new aquarium the right way Fish tank care.

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As well as a flowerhorn cichlid, it’s a son of genetics and Malaysian aquarists persistence. Feed several times a day and perform more frequent water changes to prevent the increased bio load from spoiling the water. They are also kept by hobbyists in the US and Europe, but their importation is banned in Australia.

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Always dechlorinate water before it is added into the tank. Foods and Feeding The Flowerhorn Cichlid is a with a large appetite and is easy to underfeed.


Feed 2 to 3 times a day  and remember it helps with maintenance if you avoid foods that pollute the tank’s water. The blood parrot is smaller, with a bigger head, more protruding eyes, and a V-shaped mouth. Publications, Inc., 2002 “History of the Flower Horn”, Flowerhornking.Com, Referenced online, 2007, http://www.Flowerhornking.Com/FlowerHorn/ “Flower Horn Fish Standards”, Flower Horn Fish Consortium, Referenced online, 2007, http://www.Flowerhornxport.Com/standard.Htm , Aquatic Community, Referenced online, 2007 , Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia Copyright © [Animal-World] 1998-2015.